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The First Steps of My Keto Journey

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

My first keto job

My keto journey began in January of 2021. I learned about the keto diet the year before, but I did not get involved with it until my father suffered a diabetic shock. My younger brother and stepmother rushed my father to the hospital after he complained that everything suddenly looked dark and that his body felt as if it was on fire. Incoherent speech came next. The doctor told my dad that he was on the brink of falling into a coma. We are all so grateful that did not happen.

Diabetes is the number one killer of my relatives. My paternal grandmother, several aunts, uncles, and countless older first and second cousins lost their lives to diabetic complications. The sad thing now is that I have two younger cousins who are pre-diabetic. One of those cousins is a teenager. This stark reality combined with my father’s recent bout with a diabetic shock hit me hard.

I became terrified! I surely did not want to develop diabetes since it is so prevalent in my family history. I felt as if I was being stalked by an invisible killer who wanted to erase my entire bloodline. The fear was ominous. Is there a way for me to outrun and altogether avoid diabetes? This was the question that frequently rang in my head.

All the worry and fear that filled my head subsided. I remembered that my wife was using the keto diet to lose the weight she gained while pregnant with our daughter, now two-years-old. My wife explained that the keto diet was exceptionally low on carbs. I did some more research and discovered the amazing power of the keto diet. Its benefits include blood sugar regulation, weight loss, HDL production, heart health, protects brain function, and the list goes on.

I no longer fear diabetes because I am now armed with the keto lifestyle to combat the onset of diabetes! I am also equipped to empower my relatives with the knowledge of adapting a keto diet into their lifestyle so that they can avoid diabetes and eradicate it from our bloodline.

Ian Robinson is the co-founder of We So Keto, Children’s book author and illustrator, early childhood education advocate and loving family man. Visit his site at

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