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How I Overcame My Keto Skepticism!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Overcoming keto Skepticism

I came of age in the 90s and I remember that period to be a time of numerous fad diets. So, it was a natural reflex for me to seethe with skepticism the first time I heard of the Keto diet.

I thought the keto diet was just another trend created by clout chasing doctors and attention seeking celebrity trainers who were all about peddling their books, recipes, and lifestyles. As far as I could see, the keto diet was just another over-hyped sensation that everyone would soon forget.

My initial skepticism of the keto diet was more than valid. Some of the most popular diets of the 90s disappeared as fast as they appeared. Do you remember the ill-fated Ornish diet? How about the very controversial Atkins diet? I am sure you can recall the problematic Fen-Phen diet that led many people to develop chronic conditions, such as pulmonary hypertension and heart valve issues? Have you had any flashbacks of the over-publicized liquid diet that Oprah touted? The popular diets of the 90s were shams that stuck around for no more than fifteen minutes of fame.

Some much needed convincing was required to get me to accept the keto diet. Coincidentally, I got just that. It all started with me doing some research on the best methods to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, which almost put my dad in a coma. Additionally, I wanted to help my wife on her weight loss journey following the birth of our daughter, Reina. The word “keto” popped up in most of the search results. So, down the keto rabbit hole I went, digging through medical journal after medical journal. My brain throbbed with advanced keto knowledge when I resurfaced.

The most powerful fact that convinced me about the realness of the keto diet resides in its very name. The word “keto” is not a trademarked terminology coined by a crafty hustler of ideas. In actuality, “keto” is short for “ketogenesis”, which is a physiological state that the body enters when it begins to derive energy from body fats, as opposed to carbohydrates. Additionally, the word “keto” refers to any class of foods that helps the body to trigger “ketogenesis”. A light flashed in my mind. I now see clearly that keto is nature-made and not man made.

My skepticism of the keto diet vanished, and no shadow of a doubt remains. Now, I shout from the mountaintops boldly as I proclaim the benefits of the keto diet. After all, I am not telling people about a fad diet that celebrities tout. I am not telling people about a magical pill that big pharma pushes. I am merely telling people about an amazing process that occurs naturally within their bodies. Ketogenesis is as naturally occurring within our bodies as respiration, digestion, and any other physiological process that aids in our survival.

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