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About Us

Who We Are:

We are Ian and Claudia Robinson, husband-and-wife team from Newark, NJ originating from Kingston, Jamaica and Georgetown, Guyana, respectively.


Our Mission:

We are dedicated to creating and delivering Caribbean & Asian fusion, super flavorful keto meals, pizzas, beverages, and desserts to the world! 

Our Journey:

Our journey began during the 2020 pandemic, when we both sought new challenges and additional income during a time of uncertainty. Ian initially utilized his time by writing – he wrote, illustrated, and self-published three children’s books, while Claudia worked on some personal goals, which included weight-loss and overall health. 

Claudia discovered that the ketogenic diet paired with intermittent fasting was one of the healthiest and effective routes to achieve her weight-loss goals, but she struggled to stay consistent. It was difficult to stay on a keto diet while everyone in the household ate a carb heavy diet. So, in December 2020, Ian decided to join Claudia by cutting out sugars and moving to a full keto diet to help her stay committed and that is when things started to change for the better. 

Claudia became more motivated and inspired to make desserts so Ian can enjoy the journey with her, so she started seriously experimenting with keto baking. Keto pizzas, cakes, cookies, and even ice creams were attempted with some varied results, but she was persistent. She developed a passion for the ketogenic lifestyle and remained steadfast as Ian encouraged her daily. Fast forward to several months with healthy weight-loss and higher levels of energy, relatives started to notice and became curious, eventually asking for help with keto meal prepping to achieve similar results. After some serious discussion and prayer, Claudia and Ian jumped into action, never looking back but continuing to stay resolute in their passion to help others achieve even better results with their Caribbean & Asian fusion of highly flavorful keto meals, beverages, pizzas, ice creams, and other desserts.

Our Role:

We take the guesswork out of low carb baking and cooking. We do all the work (sourcing healthy low carb ingredients, prepping meats and vegetables in richly authentic marinades & spices influenced by our Caribbean background, cooking/baking, packaging, and delivering) so you can conveniently maintain a healthy low carb eating plan/schedule. We take the boring and bland out of keto cooking and baking by infusing our rich Caribbean background, and love of Asian cuisine, to guarantee you flavorful, unique, satisfying, and high-quality keto meals, beverages, pizzas, ice creams, and other delicious desserts!

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